Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Steelers re-sign defensive end Travis Kirschke
By John Harris
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Steelers signed veteran defensive end Travis Kirschke to a two-year contract extension today.

Kirschke, 33, recorded 29 tackles, two sacks and three quarterback hurries primarily as a backup in 2007.

He replaced injured starter Aaron Smith for three games during the regular season and also started against Jacksonville in the playoffs.

Kirschke joined the Steelers as a free agent in 2004.

Yet another scrap heap signing by Kevin Colbert. Is this man not the fucking jackass of the year I don’t know who is.

Kirschke is what he is. An overpaid stiff that is okay in small doses but worthless over the long haul of the season. This team needs to get younger and Kirschke and Dick Eason are not the ones that are going to help out Aaron Smith, Hampton and Keisel with adequate enough breathers. Moreover, these guys are the supposed dime rushers but have failed to actually you know generate any sort of pass rush. Kirschke is abysmal in the running game and is frequently caved to the point of no return. His 2 sacks are pathetic given his 20 snaps+ a game.

This team needs to add some competition to the roster and actually you know push Keisel and be able to you know give him a breather and remain stout against the run. Kirschke does not allow this to happen. Jacksonville/Baltimore took turns running right at this sad sack of shit.

Regardless, if they even attempt to resign Dick Eason I will personally drive back down to Pittsburgh to kick fucking Colbert in the face.

Is their any question that Colbert should officially be on a short leash this season. His moves since 2004 are half assed at best with the likes of Cedrick Wilson, Dick Eason, Sean Gayhan and the re-uppings of Simmons and now Kirschke.

Have we mentioned the day 2 draft picks? I’m an extremely vocal critique on Bill Cowhard but Colbert might be even worse. He has mailed it in since 2004 and has yet to receive any major backlash. The years of neglected the offensive/defensiveline and LB crew and bargain basement shopping for free agents is something is unacceptable to fans of this organization. We are in win now mode with a franchise QB and there should be no reason why an attempt can’t be made to actually get some real talent as opposed to Gayhan, Kirschke and whatever.

I’ll give this deal a * for now. Kirschke is fine as the #4 defensive end. As the #3 defensive end, and top backup he is inadequate.

Can't say I'm all that thrilled with this signing. Krischke is what he is, and that's nothing special. I think this resigning essentially kills any notion the Steelers might sign a defensive lineman like Paul Spicer or Corey Williams in free agency. They need to add a body through the draft so there was only room for one other veteran defensive end spot, which is now filled by Travis. If we paid anything more than league minimum for vets the Colbert will continue to solidify himself as the biggest cancer to this team winning another Superbowl.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Steelers Statement on the Continuing 'Spygate' Saga

With Arlen Specter’s holy crusade to prove the New England Patriots have been cheating since Bill “Aqualung” Belichick took over as coach, the Steelers were going to make a public statement as Specter is a senator from Pennsylvania. The Steelers released this statement today:

"We consider the tapes of our coaching staff during our games against the New England Patriots to be a non-issue. In our opinion, they had no impact on the results of those games.

"The Steelers fully support the manner in which Commissioner Goodell handled the situation and the discipline that he levied against those who violated league rules," the statement said.

"We are confident that the Commissioner has taken appropriate action in his investigation of this matter, and will do so again if new information arises which requires further investigation and or discipline."

As always, you must read between the lines, so let us dissect what this statement really means.

Steelers: "We consider the tapes of our coaching staff during our games against the New England Patriots to be a non-issue. In our opinion, they had no impact on the results of those games.

Translation: “It was Bill “Run the Ball” Cowher they were playing against. The guy used the same game plan for his entire tenure as coach. You didn’t need to tape it because the gutless puke was so predictable. I mean you knew we were going to run and you knew we were going to kick the field goal. What is there to actually tape? Oh look, he said ‘Come on!’ instead of his normal ‘Let’s GO!’ yeah, like that’s gonna help you out. There’s a reason he only won one Superbowl with a stacked team every year, and it’s not cause people were taping us…”

Steelers: "The Steelers fully support the manner in which Commissioner Goodell handled the situation and the discipline that he levied against those who violated league rules"

Translation: “Listen, if this shit happens to us, we don’t want him to come down hard on us. I mean, the media isn’t drinking our cum by the barrel like they do the Patriots; we need to look out for ourselves.”

Steelers: "We are confident that the Commissioner has taken appropriate action in his investigation of this matter, and will do so again if new information arises which requires further investigation and or discipline."

Translation: “Of course he let them off easy, that’s what happens when you have the Commissioner in you’re pocket. I mean, he’s in the pocket of every owner in this league. Well, except Al Davis that guys got his head so far up his own ass he think he doesn’t need anyone else, which is why they suck so much, but that’s not the point. The point is we need a yes man we can bribe on the spot when the shit comes down, and Goodell is that guy.”

So both in the actual and translated statement it is what we expected of the Steelers.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Player/Coaching Grades for 2007

So the playoff game is over and analyzed to death. I won’t bore you with that. Here are the final player grades for this season. I’ll follow up with some additional thoughts on this off-season in the coming weeks. To note, this is quite long.

If anyone follows our hockey grades, are guidelines are as follows:

I’ve tried to grade players on my previous expectations for them this coming season. I average general expectations I have for the player (as if someone has a bad year or if they are about to decline, bust out, etc.), regular season play, and finally post season play. Taking these 3 into account, I’ve averaged the scorers based on (F = 0, A+ =12) scale and an expectation scale was based on the following: 0- utter failure, 6- met expectations and 12-well beyond. Obviously, this is not a science and should likely be refined more. Naturally, this is also limited to just my humble opinion.

Ben Roethlisberger - 12/12/8 => A-

BRoth had his best season at quarterback with completion percentage of 65.3% of his passes and set a Steelers record with 32 touchdown passes, and made his first Pro Bowl. The "game manager" notion should be dusted off. Ben suffered from a poor offensive line, and was hurt by injuries to his receivers at times. All in all a bounce back year for Ben as he exceeded my already high expectations for this season. I thought he would bounce back from last year’s nightmare but not this well. Great season Ben and I look forward to watching your career in Pittsburgh. Ben struggled though in playoff game and needs to be much smarter with the football and limit hanging onto the football too long.

Charlie Batch – 6/7/inc => C+

Batch didn't get to play much in 2007, though he started the final game against the Ravens. His greatest value is his decision making. He also brings great character, and he seems to have a positive effect on Ben. I’d keep him around for next season at least.

Brian St. Pierre – Inc/Inc/Inc => Inc

BSP holds a mean clipboard. I would be fine if they brought him back but we should start developing a long term backup for Ben. Provided of course the other needs of the team are met. As a result, look for BSP to stay another season unless some rookie or free agent is brought in.


Willie Parker – 10/ 11 / INC => A-

With a much worse offensive line, Willie struggled in the redzone but his overall game continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Willie improved his blocking and his vision and I hope to see greater improvement in those facets as well as pass catching and reading blocks. I’d like to see improvement near the goal line but that can be fixed with a real O-Line.

Najeh Davenport – 7/ 7 / 5 => C+

Dav did some good – against the Rams and some bad against the Ravens/Jagoffs. Dav contributed on 3rd down with some nice yac work. He is frustrating to watch and still runs to high. He did lead the team with 5 rushing touchdowns. Davenport also never seems to be able to stay healthy the course of a season also. Davenport as a kick return should be scrapped. He can chip in some on special teams. I like this utility role for him but he needs to be pushed.

Gary Russell – 7/ 7 / 7 => B-

In limited duty, Russel showed the potential. He may be the best runner on the team as he can read holes and run with authority. He can become a very good #2 in the league with a good off-season and learning the play book more and more. Let’s hope he gets a fair shot next season.

Verron Haynes – Inc / 6/ Inc => C+

Haynes signed when Parker got hurt played some in the Rat game and looked ok. His pass protection is nice to see. We will likely see him in camp. For the record, I’d rather have Haynes in a FB than say Carey Davis. Haynes provides some special teams help as well.

Carey Davis – 4/6/6 => C

I like what I heard from the offense when they stated they use the fullback more and thus needed a different style FB than Kreider, I was intrigued. However, Davis is not the right guy for the job. More over, the run game struggled more with Kreider. Davis wasn’t even the checkdown guy I figured he would. Still, Davis should be back next year but hopefully with some more competition.

Dan Kreider – 6/8/Inc = B-

He did what he does while he was healthy. Hit people and lead the running back through the hole. Tomlin/Arians seemed more reliant on Davis or 2TEs so Dan was phased out of the offense. Dan’s a FA and likely gone. Thanks for the memories Dan. I’d rather bring the guy back as opposed to drafting/signing someone else.

Wide Receivers:

Hines Ward 9/9/12 => A-

Hines I figured would eventually start to wear down somewhat but the man continues to bring it every week. Still a great blocker, Ward is the heart and sould of this team. He did have his fair share of drops and was banged up for much of the year. The playoffs saw Ward tool the living shit of Brian Williams and single-handedly almost willed this offense to a victory. Ward is one of the top possession guys in the league still and should continue to do so until a replacement is drafted.

Santonio Holmes 11/10/9 => A-

I had big hopes for Holmes from what he showed us late last season and Holmes kicked it up a notch. The man is becoming a good blocker and is already a solid route runner and the sky is the limit. Holmes’ true value was seen when he was out of the lineup as no other player on this team even had the same gamebreaker speed that Holmes has. Holmes better hope this team invests in an offensive line or we will see him go the way Plaxico Burress onto another team and greener pastures. Numerous times all season Holmes was open only to watch Roth get decked.

Nate Washington 4/6/5 => C

Clang is one of the more maddening Steelers in recent memory. At times he looks like a potential starter in the league. Other times he looks like the guy from Tiffin. He is still young and experienced but the team needs to have someone push him. Washington still makes some great catches and he does have deceptive speed. I had high hopes for him and he disappointed me somewhat. Let next year be his make or break season. Did nothing of note in the playoff game.

Cedric Wilson 3/4/2 => D+

Ced has the skills to actually tool on most 4th and 5th receivers but he has yet to actually do so. He makes way to much money to be a #4 and this will hopefully be his last season in Pittsburgh. Wilson does make some clutch plays but the problem is he doesn’t get open nor do we actually see him get open. I would like to see his spot given to Willie Reid/Dallas Baker or a UFA/Draft pick.

Willie Reid 2/2/Inc => D

He got some chances finally in 2007 but did little with them. This was still his rookie season for all intents and purposes and he should be given another chance. His return skills are in question as his is generally fragile nature. Reid needs to given a chance to show his skills and he MUST get on the field. He must also get his hands under control and curb his fumbling problems as Santonio has for the most part. I still have high hopes for Reid and he can still come through.

Tight Ends

Heath Miller – 9/9/9 => B+

Miller I figured would toil away once again. Luckily Arians did use the tight end to some degree more than Cheezenhunt and Miller had his finest season. Sure there were stretches he was ignored. But Miller ha shown that he is a reliable receiver when called upon. Is he in the same class as Gates, Winslows, Shockey, Tony G? Not yet. Miller is also a developing blocker still and should improve that this season. Miller is one of the more complete tight ends in the league and should finally see his role to expand some more next season. He also needs to become locked up after next season as well. Miller had a rough day blocking against the Jagoffs.

Matt Spaeth – 6/7/5 => C+

Spaeth I figured would be Mark Bruener 2k7 and be used primarily as a blocker which was one of his strengths in college. Matt was utilized in the redzone and is developing as a blocker. Matt has solid hands and good instincts in limited action. He needs to improve his strength but all in he this will be a very nice weapon for us in the future. He isn’t blessed with speed even on Heath’s level but he can be solid compliment to allow Heath to get out and catch the ball more. Hopefully, Arians too begins to use him more in the passing game. If we can develop him into say a similar weapon to the Cowboys, Anthony Fasano, this offense can be even deadlier.

Jerame Tuman 8/8/Inc => B

Tuman was the best run blocker TE on the team and added a good option in the run blocking game. He is a solid blocking tight end and will continue be used in this role next season. He should not pass over Matt Spaeth unless Matt has a terrible preseason. I finally saw value in Tuman this season. Luckily, he is a FA and should be brought back at the vet. minimum due to injury.

Offensive Line

Marvel Smith 5/7/Inc => C+

Marvel was the best lineman last season and I figured he would continue to do so. As the season wore on so did Marvel. Victimized by the Jags to the tune of 3/3.5 sacks, Smith was out indefinitely we found out with a back injury. Next year is Smith’s last under contract. Mid season he was a must sign. The team must think long and hard about taking a OT early in the draft. Is Marvel worth the money that a C3 will give him? At this point, he isn’t. If he can rebound, I’m still hesitant to give him big money.

Willie Colon 6/7/8 => B-

Colon sadly is miscast in the RT role and struggled at times with run blocking and some pass rushers. He made a lot of bad reads on blitzes early but as the season went on Colon turned it on. I hope Colon gets moved to RG next year as Simmons moves to LG. Regardless, Colon should be starting next season again. I thought he played well and wasn’t nearly as poor as some fans would have you believe.

Max Starks 6/10/Inc => B

Maxi lost his RT job and roved between LT and RT during the preseason. In preseason. he struggled mightly again against speed rushers again and stunk up the joint when at LT and was replaced in the starting line with Willie the Colon. Maxi played in 3 TE sets with Tuman got hurt and was by far the best run blocker on this team. When Smith got hurt, Starks stepped in admirably. Help by the Heinz Slop, Starks showed decent feet and definitely potential LT for the future. He needs to keep his weight down but this is entirely possible. Likely won’t be resigned but he should be. Coach Z actually did something right here as well. I had high hopes for Max who struggled initially but he made his way back into good graces.

Trai Essex 8/7/8 => B-

Essex is RFA this off-season and showed noticeable improvement in his overall play from even the preseason. Essex showed enough to get signed this off-season. He can continue to build on this work for next season and become a backup LT for either Starks, Smith, Rookie.

Alan Faneca 4/8/5 => C

Faneca kindof showed up but kindof didn’t. I’m glad he was there but the man was certainly half assing it. Faneca is solid with the run game and pulling. (Jordan: outside of pulling his head from his ass). Pass pro he is horrid and his skills are in decline. I will forever be greatful for Fan for what he did during his Steeler career but those days are clearly gone. The worst was watching the playoff game as he was turned around running away from defenders as opposed to blocking them. A sickening lasting memory for me of Faneca. Adios.

Kendall Simmons 0/2/3 => D

Like everyone else, I had hopes that Simmons turned the corner from diabetes and the knee injuries. I bought into the hype from the pre season and recalled that infamous counter where he pulled and blasted a defender with hustle and authority. Than came a ridiculous contract for a player of his ilk and it went downhill. Simmons was once the weakest link of the line and now he’s the 2nd. Simmons can’t block anyone big and he is a penalty machine. Simmons will likely not be cut because of his locker room presence but this guy is a joke and a liability. It’s going to be a fucking disaster watching this worthless POS for the next 2 years until his ass gets cut or Ben killed.

Chris Kemoeatu 2/6/Inc => C-

I thought Kemo would finally put away Simmons and grab that RG spot that many Steeler fans have wanted. Kemo again failed to live up to the hype. The mean and nasty mauler showed ability in the regular season but does not have the support of the coaching staff. Is this a ruse for the fans to act like Simmons is that good or Kemo really is as dumb as fucking rocks. The run blocking he could provide would be beneficial to Willie but it remains to be seen. Kemo has his last shot with the team next season. Lets hope he gets his head in gear. Talent is there.

Sean Mahan 1/0/0 => F

Mahan looked below average early but as the season progressed the man turned into fucking joke. Routinely snapping the ball and blocking a man proved to be difficult for Mahan. Mahan lacks any strength at all and his balance is absolutely terrible. Leverage is another issue for Mahan. It’s actually sickening to know we have this bastard playing. Mahan’s feet are actually decent and he can do okay against guys with similar size to him. The problem is this is RARE in THE NFL. A better option than Gayhan would be making a traffic cone or a bag of dogshit. Atleast, the dogshit can keep opposing players at bay. Mahan is the ghastliest acquisition I’ve seen in a long long time since maybe Dean Biasucchi or how about Donnel Woolford. If another center isn’t brought in for competition than I demand Colbert to be fired for this joke. What he and or Tomlin saw in this fuck’s play remains to be seen. The worst part is this fuck won’t improve. He’s going to be the same douchebag. Please put Stapleton/Rookie in and leave this abortion on the bench.

Darnell Staplton/INCOMPLETE

Hopefully our center of the future otherwise just a bum that Colbert keeps so that we don’t notice another one of his draft choice busts from Rutgers.

Nose Tackles

Casey Hampton 7/8/7 => B-

Fat Casey is indeed fat as hell. Overweight is an understatement as Casey needs to drop at least 30 lbs if he wants another contract. Casey is left winded and huffing and puffing for games. He needs to be spelled more but those issues lie with the depth of the team. Hampton was strong in games early but wilted late and as the season progressed was a shell of his former shelf. I hope Tomlin gets on him as he did to Pat Williams 2 season ago.

Chris Hoke 6/6/6 => C+

Hoke is a solid enough player but is getting older. He will continue to back up Hampton and give him a breather. Hoke is signed for 3 more seasons so I’m okay with that.

Defensive Ends

Aaron Smith 12/11/Inc => A

Aaron Smith was finally recognized as being a huge cog in the machine as the Steeler run defense was exposed without him. Smith was having a wonderful season prior to his injury and not be at that level next season. We need to start looking for his replacement ASAP. Smith is a fighter and will give us another 2 seasons hopefully. I was skeptic of the move this past off-season of resigning him but he totally showed his worth this season.

Brett Keisel 4/6/6 => C

All off season he heard about “Roving” Brett Kiesel and how we will unleash him upon quarterbacks. Uh yea. He once again led the team in pressures but ONLY recorded 2 sacks. Kiesel is average in the run game and he wears down as well without depth backing him up. He is an okay stop gap for a couple seasons but is much better coming off the bench on passing situations and helping on special teams. The team will likely continue to use Kiesel in the same role but he needs a breather.

Travis Kirschke 7/4/3 => C-

Kirschke kindof sucks and all but he did okay in spot duty. No way can he be expected to be a starter at d-end based on injuries. Kirsch is a free agent and should not be brought back.

Nick Eason 3/3/2 => D

Eason has some talent and gives you SOME snaps but he was horrid as a starter and didn’t bring the noise consistently as a pass rusher. GTFO

Ryan McBean INC

Needs to add weight but the potential is there. Absolutely must make the 53 man team next season and pay immediate dividends.


James Harrison 12/11/10 => A

Joey who? Harrison had his breakout season and established himself as one the finest 3-4 backers in the league. Harrison was among the few that could consistently bring a pass rush. He was solid against the run and didn’t get tooled a lot in coverage. His performance against the gaybirds will live forever. Harrison exceeded my expectations and than some. If only he could get someone on the other side. Harrison

Clark Haggans 3/3/3 => D+

Haggans was one of the most underrated players during the Superbowl run but has long since declined to mediocrity. Haggans could not get a pass rush consistently nor was he able to shed blocks or cover in space. His speed has also declined. He was on the field way too many times and foolishly took snaps away from Lamar Woodley. Did Haggans make a play or anything after say mid October? Haggans could be brought back as a backup but he should not be seen from again as a starter. Haggans was one of my favs but its best if he goes elsewhere.

Lamarr Woodley 7/8/10 => B

Wood showed a ton of potential in his amount of snaps and actually got to other teams QBs. Woodley is dangerous rushing the passer but is still young and needs to improve in both the run and coverage. Regardless, Woodley should be the starter from the LOLB spot starting next season. The defense will be much better for it.

Lawrence Timmons 7/7/7 => B-

For whatever reason, Timmons wasn’t allowed to see the field either outside of some packages and special teams. He showed tremendous ability though and has knack of finding the football. He’s got the range and coverage skills to see a significant increase in playing time. Moreover, Timmons is better suited to this roving position as well. Timmons will likely move to ILB and have a chance to unseat Larry Foote. He is a playmaker and makes things happen for a defense that desperately needs it. He needs to add strength and get off blocks but the potential is there and Steeler fans should chill out about him.

Arnold Harrison 5/6/5=> C

Harrison does have some talent but is mostly relegated to special teams. He is a solid backup player who I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing out there in various packages.

Andre Frazier 4/4/4 => C-

Frazier rejoined the Steelers and was a special teams guy. Needless to say, his work there was lacking. Frazier will likely be cut.

Marquis Cooper 5/5/4 => C

Tomlin’s version of Sean Morey. Cooper showed some ability on special teams but nothing more. He could be an okay 4-3 lb and I do like his speed. 50/50 on his shot with the team next season.

James Farrior 7/9/7/ => B

Farrior has a solid season again but wore down as time went on. Farrior too needs someone that can spell him. Farrior was one of the best pass rushers on this team and he can continue to make plays. Farrior is losing his speed but is still likely entrenched as the starter until the Steelers draft Rey Mualaga next draft :)

Larry Foote 6/6/6 => C+

I hate Foote but objectively he does what he’s told and is cheap. His fucking Detroit Pershing Doughboy shit is annoying but nearly as annoying as his unique ability to get trucked like a sack of shit. Foote’s tackling is weak as is his coverage ability. He blitzes okay I guess but Foote isn’t a playmaker nor will he ever be one. I would love Timmons to have a shot to upstage the Foote ster.

Clint Kriewaldt 4/4/ Inc => C-

Special teams captain so he’s a bastard by association. Kind of offers nothing really so he be sent up the river and replaced with you know actual talent with speed and upside. When special teams guys don’t really help its time to fuck off. Fuck off Clint!


Ike Taylor 8/9/9 => B

Overall a very good year for Taylor as he reestablished himself as one of the elite corners. The man NEEDS to learn how to catch the ball though. That’s the only thing from holding him back. Taylor is a solid tackler and should continue to improve under Tomlin’s wing.

Deshea Townsend 10/9/9 => B+

You know Townsend actually played very well again. He quietly did his job consistently. Townsend is at his best when he isn’t ask to cover #2 receivers but did an okay job. Still a good tackler. It might be worthwhile if Smith busts to put him at FS.

Bryant McFadden 5/6/7 => C+

McFadden was supposed to take that next step and grab the #2 corner spot. Problem is he didn’t and his play regressed. He slowly got some of it back but still. Fadd is a solid tackler and can play the ball well. He is aggressive tho and tends to get work at times in either zone or press. McFadden should not be asked to play off of receivers either.

William Gay 7/7/7 => B-

Ah Gay played decently in his first season. Shockingly. Dickbert may have gotten something finally on day 2. Gay isn’t blessed with top end speed but is adequate enough as a dime cb and can be a solid cover 2 corner in the future. Gay’s play also dumped Dick Colclough off the team. Gay is a decent tackler as well.

Anthony Madison 5/5/5 =>C

Madison is a solid special teams guy that actually can make plays ON SPECIAL TEAMS. MY GOD. Madison is a solid gunner on special teams and offers something at corner too. I’d like to see him improve as well under Tomlin’s watch.


Troy Polamalu 7/9/8=> B

Troy is still solid as ever but seemed to not have it all there. Too much flailing around and not enough plays. No sacks nor INTS. Polamalu was even banged up for much of the season. His injuries are worrisome because he did have these problems in college. Regardless, TP is a corner stone of this defense and should be for a while. Lebeau turning him into a DE is retarded.

Ryan Clark 8/8/Inc => B

Clark’s value was one of a guy that won’t help you but he also wont hurt you. He is usually in the right spot at the right time and is a decent tackler. Clark got hurt and missed the rest of the season with a spleen. Clark should hopefully be a backup s from here on out.

Anthony Smith 7/8/7 => B-

Everyone’s favorite whipping boy based on the Gaytriot game, Smith had a tough year but he DID show that he can be superstar in the secondary. Smith makes plays happen, he is a decent tackler and he can make plays on the football. Smith must work on the mental aspect of the game as his physical attributes are there. He also brings some much needed attitude to a secondary that hasn’t been feared in a long time.

Tyrone Carter 7/8/1 => C

Carter is a try hard guy that brings the wood but ultimately lacks any sort of speed at all. Carter will likely be back next season but he should not be seen anywhere near starting FS in the near future. Carter had a HORRENDOUS playoff game was the sole reason to 10 Jagoff points.

Grant Mason / Inc

Played some on special teams but not enough to warrant a grade. Likely be a body at training camp.

Place Kicker

Jeff Reed 9/9/9 => B+

Skip was solid in the kicking game in general outside of his kickoffs. My biggest complaint with him is his Douchebag haircut. So yay!


Daniel Sepulveda 6/8/3 => C

Don’t get me wrong. I loved the pick and Sepulveda had a solid rookie season. Where is this big leg we heard about? What about all the shanks? I was annoyed by the 40 yard kick to Dropcutt but with this shitty special teams maybe that was the orders of special teams brain trust. Sep showed off with a long pass on a fake punt, solid hands on field goals, recovered a fumble and an onside kick. Hope Sep gets better now that his rookie jitters will be out of his system for.

Long Snapper

Greg Warren 12/12/12 => A+

Didn’t fuck up!


Mike Tomlin 8/8/6 = > B-

Some good some bad. Loved the stoic presence on the field but I would like to have seen more emotion when called upon. Tomlin was woeful on challenges and his in game adjustments were lacking. Regardless, Tomlin has shown that he ISNT STUBBORN like his moronic predecessor and a willingness to learn. He must dump the underachieving players and find his own guys. He must begin to turn this into his team. He says the right things but his actions need to start embodying that from which he speaks. All in all he surpassed by 8-8 expectations and brought some excitement back to the burgh after last year’s bs. He needs to get a better feel for the game and when and when not to take chances.

Bruce Arians 7/5/5 => C

So Arians did throw up some really disgusting game plans and play calls but the offense managed to score a lot of points despite a piss poor o-line. I liked the schemes he established but his play calling was uneven and often way to predictable. Arians will likely return but he won’t be given a cart blanche again like this year. Thankfully he knows how to handle and get a lot out of Ben and that’s the most important thing.

Dick Lebeau 10/9/9=> B+

Dirty Dick at times looks like the best in the league (Seahawks) and shitty as fuck also (Patriots). His adjustments are usually solid and he had little to work with with a team that is beginning to get old at a lot of positions. Lebeau needs some new toys and the defense will be back to its dominating presence. Hopefully, we see more 4-3/Hybrid looks with Tomlin which Dick seems to be okay with. I’d also like to see rover role go to someone like Timmons. All in all, we can do a lot worse than Lebeau. Tiny Tim Lewis ring a bell to anyone?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mahan: An Objective Look

This past off season, the Steelers big acquisition was center Sean Mahan, a guard from the Buccaneers. He was given a large contract and handed the starters job because of it, while Chucky Okobi was given the boot despite outplaying him.

Through the year though, Mahan proved to be a monumental disaster. After hiking the ball he proceeded to fail in blocking anyone every single time. It was if he wasn’t even there.

Some people call Mahan a piece of shit. However, I find this to be a very unfair comparison. So I will make objective comparisons between Mahan and a piece of shit (referred to as POS for the remainder of the article).

Mahan- is capable of getting the ball to the QB
POS- as it lacks any extremities, it can’t really hike the ball now can it?
Winner- Mahan

Post Hike
Mahan- falls flat on his face, apparently not coordinated enough to hike the ball and remain standing
POS- sits there but is pretty much immovable since no one wants to step in it
Winner- POS

One on One
Mahan- is pushed aside like a little bitch, if he manages to remain standing
POS- is so feared because of its nastiness everyone avoids one on one contact with it
Winner- POS

Buying Time for the QB
Mahan- doesn’t. Hikes the ball then disappears, possibly phasing into the same alternate dimension as Optimus Prime’s trailer in the cartoon
POS- because no one wants to step in it, the rusher will either jump over, thus losing the momentum from his push off, or go around taking longer. Either way, there will be a delay unless he wants to step in it and get laughed at by everyone on National TV (especially if he slips and falls into the remainder).
Winner- POS

Mahan- none, is useless in every situation
POS- Depends on who took the shit. Obviously the Casey Hampton shit will be massive and provide a large object to get around, many a toilets have met their demise at this man’s hands, err, ass. Fast Willie Parker gets his run on, and by “run” I mean “the runs.” Watch out for this oil slick. And of course the master of shitting himself, Najeh “Dump Truck” Davenport can probably pump out just about anything he wants.
Winner- POS

Mahan- $16 million over 4 years
POS- However much lunch cost
Winner- POS


Mahan- probably just like a sweaty fat guy, which is pretty bad
POS- well, is there really anything worse smelling than shit?
Winner- Mahan

Mahan- would cost the Steelers millions plus count towards the cap for years
POS- just flush
Winner- POS

The final score:
Mahan- 2
POS- 6

So there you have it. When looking at on field performance, the POS holds a decided edge. Not only is it capable of delaying the defensive rushers longer than Mahan, but also costs significantly less, and because it’s not an actual person, doesn’t go against the cap, giving it an even more significant financial advantage. Sure, you’re probably going to need a new pile every play or two, but with what these guys eat, it shouldn’t be a problem.

So next time you or your friends refer to Mahan as a piece of shit, just remember this: you are insulting the shit as it is far better at the job than Mahan is. Instead of calling people shit when they suck, it’s now time to call them Mahan instead.

“That guy sucks.”
“Yeah, what a Mahan.”

Sounds good, huh?


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Jagoff Preview

Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)
Gametime: 8:00 pm

Jacksonville is everyone's sleeper team now. They have looked extremely dangerous routing teams all over the place with the finest rushing attack in the league. David Garrard has only thrown 3 picks all season and the Jags have a physical defense. They MANHANDLED the Steelers 3 short weeks ago. Seems to be a cake walk right? Heck even the ESPN braintrust has this one all figured out.

Not so fast grasshopper. There was a lot more positive to take out of the first meeting with this team than most realized. The Steelers had some very positive match-ups that they did not exploit to their full advantage. A regular season loss against a team like Jacksonville can work to your advantage in the post-season in the end because it allows you to see where you were wrong about them, while the Jaguars are likely to come in with the same game plan. They are the Steelers under Cowher - an arrogant, we do what we do sort of team. There is a reason Jack Del Rio is on the hotseat STILL in Jacksonville. Time and time again, we continue to hear about how this will finally be the year and he has yet to deliver. The reason ladies and gents is because they are STILL too one dimensional to face good teams and win consistently.

Offensively the Jags are piloted by David Garrard. Garrard has minimized turnovers, has a quick release and can move around in the pocket and out. Garrard is equipped with the best running attack in football and a run blocking line that is big and nasty. The receivers on Jacksonville are also big and mean and are more than adequate run blockers. Jacksonville dominated the last meeting because they were able to hit some huge cutback lanes which is uncommon in Pittsburgh. While the loss of Aaron Smith and subsequent play of wave pass rusher Travis Kirschke has rendered the left side of the Steelers D-Line into a cavern of opportunity for opposing rushers. Furthermore, the Steelers have yet to compensate for this as they are showing an entirely too aggressive nature and lack of gap responsibility leading to big time holes and cut back lanes. This time the shotgun draw/delay shouldn't nearly be as effective provided the Steeler brain trust reviews the game film as they say they've done. I expect the Steelers to take a more simplistic approach in this one with less stunts and crossfire blitzes and more straight vanilla schemes. Troy Polamalu will also be seen in the box more which should limit the Jags success. Don't get me wrong but the Jags can run on the Steelers. However, it won't be to the tune of 240+ yards as it was before which was helped by the 20 play drive in the 3rd Q of the last game which turned the game in Jacksonville’s favor and wore out the Steeler D.

In reviewing some of the previous game's action, the Steelers had Garrard confused. So much so that they should have had up to 4 INTS if the defenders would remember to bring their hands to the game. This doesn't even include a HORRENDOUS INT by Garrard to Mr. Guarantee Anthony Smith which sparked a Steeler comeback. The Steelers were able to force third and long but time and time again Jacksonville converted via the draw or they got close enough to go for it on 4th down. Del Rio is conservative in nature unless it's 4th and short and he's near the 50 yard line. I don't think his team will attack the Steelers with play action enough especially early on in the contest (which they should). He will play it safe much like Billy Cowher used to and "try to win it in the 4th quarter" by grinding it out.

Offensively, The Steelers are banged up. Gone is Willie Parker (who had 100 yards rushing on only 14 carries against Jacksonville) and missing its top two LTs. Protecting the Franchise is little used Trai Essex who is on the last legs potentially of his fledgling NFL career. The Jags got 5 sacks on Ben Roethlisberger primarily due to an injured Smith and will likely have similar success as well. Defensively, the Jags don't blitz much but rely on their D-Line to get after the QB. The Steelers are equipped with a terrible O-Line championed by worthless Kendoll Simmons and Sean Mahan who do their best to get their QB killed every week. There overall play has improved so maybe MAYBE they'll once again only allow 5 sacks.

To beat the Jags is by spreading them out (which makes the talk about them beating the Patriots more ridiculous) as their coverage abilities are lacking. The Jags are also way too prone to blown coverages. Rashean Mathis is an elite corner and should lock up with Santonio Holmes for much of the afternoon. Leaving veteran Brian Williams to battle Ward. SS Sammie Knight is more of a linebacker than safety and lacks the speed to keep up with most receivers. Steelers must integrate TE Heath Miller into the offense more as he can get open against a young Jagoff lb corps and Knight. Without Parker, Steelers are left with the great Najeh "Duce, Dump, Defacator" Davenport who won't have much the success Parker had running the football. Dump will hopefully see some action in the passing game where he does have better hands than Parker and should provide Roeth a safety valve. The Steelers must not run straight ahead against Jacksonville. They won't win with the mindless run up the gut 40 times a game right into the waiting arms of John Henderson and Grady "360 lbs" Jacksons. Jacksonville ate that up last game. Steelers need to attack the edges.

Roeth is the wildcard in this. Sure Jacksonville has much better O-Line and D-Line and talent overall but Roeth can will this team to victory. All it takes is a couple broken tackles and Roethlisberger can hit one of his receivers for big gainers. The weather will also be beneficial for the Steelers as they will not be trying to air the ball out in 30 mph winds and snow. This isn’t your fathers Steelers. They use the pass to setup the run and when successful they win. The Steelers must not fall behind this game by more than 10 points and they must not come out flat. Mike Tomlin even resorted to having the old Jacksonville/Pittsburgh game from 3 weeks ago wired into all TVs of the Steelers practice center. Maybe, just maybe this team will nut up.

Jacksonville played their A game 3 weeks and it will be very tough to duplicate once again. In the Steelers 75 year history, they have YET to lose to a team twice at home. The Steelers can beat Jacksonville and let me be the lone asshole to pick them here. I see the Steelers coming out early and getting a lead and forcing Garrard to beat them. He won't.

Pittsburgh - 28
Jacksonville - 20

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jag Off Thoughts 12.20

Work and Xmas parties up the ass have limited by ability to give this game as much as before but hopefully that should change next week.

Here's some quick thoughts on grades:

QB: Roth - 2 ; once again Roth came out skittish and warmed up. This needs to change. I know the conditions were less the optimal but Ben needs to be able to start off a little quicker. Maybe Arians needs to go to hurry up more often as Ben is much more in this mode.

RB: 4 – Parker ran like a man; Dump did crap


Ward – 2
Holmes – 2
Washington – 3
Wilson – 3

Holmes drew my ire for stopping on Roth’s pass but I think it was woefully underthrown as usual. Holmes also missed a read on a deep in that Ben seemed to show some frustration. These two need to get on the same page and quick.

Washington played okay and had a nice leaping td catch. The pass he dropped was a poor throw from Roeth

Ignored once again. Why can’t we involve MILLER through out the game as opposed to only specific drives. This shit is maddening. We move the ball when we throw to him !!!!!

Spaeth was drafted in the 3rd round. SO FUCKING USE HIM.

Blocking was crap.


Horrid outing again with multiple sacks against while missing the two best players on that defensive line.

Smith – 0
Faneca – 2
Mahan – 1
Simmons – 1
Colon – 1


Embarassing effort as they got dumped around all day and night. Need depth badly. McBean signed but so no time.

Kierschke – 1
Hampton – 2
Kiesel – 2
Eason – 0
Hoke – 1


Harrison – 2
Foote – 1
Farrior – 1
Haggans – 0

Haggans is done in my eyes. I like the guy but he is not getting it done. He had chances to do some damage but doesn’t have the speed nor the moves to get it done

Pass rusher didn’t get anywhere near Garrard.

Farrior struggled in coverage and in the run game as did Foote. Harrison is the only one to get some pressure but he too struggled. These guys need to be rotated in far more.


Some good some bad.

Smith got burned again but turned the game around with a Larry Brown INT. 1.5

Troy – 3 ; made a ton of plays but missed some as well.

Ike – 2 ; meh .. the gobs and cushions are unnecessary

Deshea – 3

McFadden – 2

Carter – 2 ; barely noticeable

Special Teams:
3 ; decent. Sepulveda punted well


Arians – 3 ; I think he called an okay game. I do hate his give up calls though on like 3rd and 13 though. Players failed to execute more often than not.

Lebeau – 0 ; couldn’t do anything in the run game and was victimized by the soft cushions in the fucking snow against SLOW receivers. Retarded.

Tomlin – 1 ; stood there and took it up the ass.


We got manhandled through the trenches just as Cowhard likes it. It was completed mindnumbing just how far we’ve fallen. The lines on both sides of the ball need immediate action.

I think the Line at this point should be: Smith/Faneca/Mahan/Colon/Starks ; Simmons might be okay in the Faneca’s spot but the man has too small arms to actually engage Dt’s and De’s alike. He would be better off as a swing guy or heck maybe a fullback in goal line? His strengths are speed and pulling and really him playing in a phone booth is a bad idea. Kemo must be really shitty if he isn’t beating out Kendoll.

Mahan is shitty and all but no other option is available outside of Simmons. Mahan has picked it up the last couple of weeks so maybe there is still hope. I’d like to see us draft a center – my preference is Drew Miller from Florida who could play some guard as well.

We need at least one of each – G, T,C

We need to resign Max Starks as his plays seems to have picked up in the last few weeks. This might be due to the shitty field of Heinz but I’d still resign him if possible (doubt it.)

Defensive line is a bigger problem without Aaron Smith. We need to try to find someone to take the load off. Is their someone available now on FA? Or through waivers? I don’t think so.

Lebeau really needs to stop with the cushions in shitty weather.

The Rams game scares the shit out of me. They have an offense that can put up points on us quickly. Thank god their line is almost as bad as ours but this will be a colossal joke if we lose. The Rams aren’t as bad as you think and have talent. Their defense blitzes a shit ton so they can be had. It’s up to everyone to step it up and make plays.

We can definitely beat these guys but I just don’t think they can

Jackson will give us problems

Holt will as well

Bulger is healthy

Anthony Smith should be starting. Why Ty Carter is against a speedy rams team on turf, I don’t know. This scares me because Carter is a solid tackler but too slow to do anything in coverage. If we want to bench players for sucking there are about 10 guys more deserving than Anthony Smith. He bit on a play fake; I’m sorry but I think 98% of the league would have done the same. Unfortunately, our OC hasn’t learned about the benefits of the play action.

At this point, I think we miss the playoffs @ 9-7. I hope I’m wrong but this team has completely soured on me. It’s not the fact that we lost to Jagoffville and the Gaytriots but how we lost to them. We were exposed and now every team is going to come after us.


Rams – 28
Steelers - 23

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Steelers-Gaytriots Fallout Report 12/11

Playing god’s team in Boston seemed to be a game everyone would classify as a measuring stick of sorts to see where this team stacks up with one of the best teams of all time as of now. The Steelers hung around for half and gave us all a reason to believe but alas the 2nd half saw adjustments fell by the wayside and another loss to add to the column.

Let’s take a look at some grades before delving into some additional thoughts.

BRoth had a ho hum day. On the bright side there wasn’t any turnovers but on the other was another erratic and spotty performance. New England doesn’t have the best secondary in the world but was able to keep this offense in check. Ben finished with a respectable 19-32 for 187 but did have a number of weak throws including shoddy passes to open receivers, missed td opportunities and general skittishness.

The TD pass to Davenport was more luck than anything. Ben is going to have to exercise the demons against the New England team hopefully in January. Something tells me the whole aura and Gaytriot mystique is in his head. 2

After last week, Parker ran with determination, heart and speed something that has been in missing with the last couple of games in the fucking mudpit that is Heinz Field. He ripped off a 30 yard dash in the Q2 which led to our lone td of the game. He even had a solid 19 yard run in the opening drive of the Q3. Parker was also used in the passing game but committed an as asinine false start as well as a drop on a dumpoff that could have yielded some good yardage. Davenport chipped with the impressive 32 yard td grab , stack vault in Q2 and had a solid power run in Q3. Davis was hardly seen as the group went mostly 2 tight ends. 4

Facing a WEAK secondary, the receiving crew had a way too mediocre of a performance. Ward had 5 grabs but none of them memorable. Holmes was banged up for much of the game and was limited. As a result, the lack of speed by the Patriots wasn’t attacked as much as it could. Holmes did have a solid block on Hobbs in the Q3 on Parker’s 19 yard run. Clang returned to form with a couple drops in Q4. Wilson caught a clutch 4th down pass but otherwise wasn’t heard from. The crew is lacking some serious playmakers as well as another deep threat with Holmes banged up. Washington again came up small. At this point, I’d rather have Willie Reid in the lineup over both Washington and Wilson. 1

Run blocking was good for the most part. Miller again was ignored for much of the game. Shockingly we only drove when he got into the action against shitty Bruschi. Spaeth was also ignored in the pass game. You know I’m a fan of 2 Tight ends but what’s the point if you don’t use them? 3

MUCH better than expected performance against a very good D-Line. Parker had 5 yards per carry and had some holes he could actually run through.. Smith returned to the lineup and Starks was rarely out there. Not for nothing there were as usual big time faults to go around:

Faneca had a piss poor game leading to TWO sacks including the play that turned around the entire game in my eyes. He got destroyed on a counter play and allowed inside pressure for a sack in the first quarter. Than early in Q3 after Parker had the big run, Faneca got juked out of his fucking soul by Vince Wilfork which ended up in a huge sack. The play was huge because Ward was WIDE OPEN and would have gotten some serious yards that would have gotten us within at least field goal range. Instead Wilfork and his 340 pounds spun around Faneca and smacked Roth for an easy sack.

Colon was equally pitiful as he kept getting walked by Mike Vrabel. Two holds also and his pass technique was consistently wretched leading to constant pressure by POS Vrabel. The 4th and 1 counter play to Hines was blown up because Colon was blown up. Colon atleast has potential.

Mahan played okay against Wilfork and was able to wall him off at times. Simmons was okay outside of the 2nd run of the game where he gets shoved 5 yards in the backfield by Ty Warren. Simmons had some good blocks in the 2Q.

Smith was solid for the most part.

Smith – 4
Faneca – 1
Mahan – 2.5
Simmons – 2.5
Colon – 1

Low grades and all but still a solid performance. This level of play needs to be raised as the season progresses. Faneca and Colon will bounce back and I think we can see a much better performance going forward.

Another quiet day for the unit outside of a batted pass by Keisel. Smith was exceptionally quiet again which has believe that the guy is still banged up or wearing down. Keisel added some pressure but outside of the batted ball was quiet. Hampton was in the game and had one stuff of Maroney but he also is carrying way too much weight and was worthless in the 2nd half when the gaytriots went all pass happy. This team could really use some depth here and an interior pass rushing DT. At this point, I’d put Hoke in if we play the Patriots again as he can sometimes get some sort of rush. Eason and Kirschke did their usual nothing. 1

LB: Yet another nothing performance from this crew. Haggans had one pressure and was unheard of the rest of the game despite playing every defensive snap. Foote did nothing. Farrior was owned and Harrison did little as well. This entire group is running on empty and needs some fresh blood inserted into the lineup. Pass rush was feeble and the blitzes were ineffective against Lord Brady’s 3 step drops in the 2nd half.

Coverage was equally as feeble. Farrior was slow to get to the area on Moss’s first td on a post. Farrior could barely wrap up Ben Watson on another play and got dragged another 4 yards. Farrior/Harrison/Haggans covering Welker was a mismatched and abused on about 5 consecutive plays. 0

Another nightmare performance against the Gaytriots. Leading the fight for shit was Anthony Smith. Smith has always been very aggressive and the Patriots targeted him and abused him sexually. Furthermore after the Gaytriots score their first td, Tom Prick Brady got in his face and mouthed off. This was only the beginning. Smith got his manhood taken by the Patriots on the Q2 playaction pass deep to Moss. Smith bit on it because apparently the BEST RUN BLOCKING UNIT IN THE LEAGUE couldn’t stop Laurence Maroney. This is absolutely a no can do for the deep safety and we were screwed. On the double flea flicker, Smith bit on the pass to Moss and than pass back to Brady before realizing what was happening and missed out on the tip by a hair.

Taylor shared some struggles with Moss. On the first drive for the Patsies, Taylor was in perfect position to make a play on a football but alas again watched Moss tip it up to himself. This is type of play Taylor HAS to make especially since it was a 3rd down play. On the long pass play to Moss, Taylor once again bit like a sack of shit on the playaction and was toast. Ike also got flagged for a hold on Moss in the endzone. Than after those big plays, Taylor gave his SOFT CUSHION of death and for all intents and purposes we were fucked.

Carter made some tackles including one on Watson but is too slow to be a factor in the secondary. Townsend held Welker in check during the first half before switching around in the 2nd half leading to more room for Welker. McFadden wasn’t seen or heard from much. 0

Special Teams:
Started off poorly once again after we scored on a field goal allowing a 39 yard return to Chode Jackson giving the Patsies a first down on their own 48 yard line. Reed stuggled on his kickoffs. Seps did okay but did shank a punt. Allen Rossum being a veteran punt returner failed to warn Gay about a shanked punt that ended up hitting gay in the ankle and being recovered by the Patsies. This is the type of play I don’t expect from a rookie let alone a NFL veteran with loads of return experience. Arnold Harrison committed a foolish late hit on a punt return and Gay was flagged for running out of bounds in punt coverage in Q1.

Mistakes like this is why this team is within an eye lash of being out of the playoffs. 1


Ugh. Arians started off really well with the opening drive that ran the ball and saw use of Miller and the receivers. Yet once again the play calls were neither built on nor was there any sort of plan of attack. The Patriots have poor coverage within their linebacking unit as well poor overall secondary talent outside of Samuel. Not once, did I see this team attack them. Red zone play calling was once atrocious. Rhythm was once again missing from this offense. Parker and Davenport barely saw any routes. Playaction passes took way too long to develop. Quick drops and 3 step drops were once again absent. Arians needs to wake up and start attacking defenses. He also can’t be too hesistant to rely on field goals as opposed to going for actual scores. Not once did this team go after Hobbes, Sanders and Harrison. The Pats defense was never on their heels either. The goal line sequence in the Q4 was awful. First the shuffle pass was something nice and all but than why run a similar play on 4th down? Why try a jump ball to Holmes on 3rd and 1? Why not have Davenport run for a 3rd and goal at the one and than try again on 4th down. This is type of shit that baffles me. I don’t mind taking chances but when something is working it’s okay to do it again and on the same drive too. Heck Brady and Welker were doing that during the 2nd half of the game yet Bruce Arians can’t do that? This isn’t Madden or anything when the defense knows you are running the same play. The 2nd half in general was a total waste of time as Arians appeared to have no plan of attack at all and it showed. After Feeley and Boller carved up the Patriots, why BRoth couldn’t be put into position to do the same is a down right joke. Even the random touchdown to Davenport was made on a broken play as opposed to something Arians called.


All week we heard about that oh so elite Steeler defense that had some ridiculous stats not seen since that of the 70s. Unfortunately, the Pats were once again able to feast on Lebeau’s scheme as neither blitzing nor playing passive worked at all. Once the trick plays hit, Lebeau went vanilla with blitzes and rushes that opponents have seen the Steelers run since 2004. This may work when you are facing John Beck, Kellen Clemens but against the elite of elitists Brady made this defense look like a sack of shit. Last week, Palmer had numerous chances to hit some plays on these defense yet couldn’t. Brady did just that.

Casey Hampton being on the field when the Patriots were passing was just retarded as Hampton could get no where near the QB even if he tried. The pressure was non existent and the half time adjustments seemed to be hey let’s be more soft and blitz the same vanilla blitzes we’ve ran for a while.

I hope Lebeau can find another way to get to the QB because we have big time issues if the blitz doesn’t work. Not to mention, he needs to find a way to counteract the 3-step drops that have victimized us since what 2004?

Lebeau needs to plant in Smith’s head that he is the deep safety and isn’t supposed to freelance.

Dick’s soft zone plays right into the hands of the Patsies. I don’t care if you get blown out but by playing in his receivers’ faces, gives us a far better chance at being competitive.

Steven Neal one of the best guards in the league was a late scratch and yet BILLY FUCKING YATES WASNT to be attacked at all by Lebeau. WELL DONE SIR!

I know Lebeau is one of the better defensive coordinators around and the Patriots are one of the better adjustors also but Dick needs to improve his performance if we want a shot at beating this team in January.



We can hear about Tomlin’s coolness factor and his quotes all we want but this is getting repetitive. He says the right things and is a calming influence on the sidelines and all but when am I going to start seeing some kind of improvement? This team looked a shit ton sharper at the beginning of the season and now is as flat as can be.

Smith guarantee needs to be dealt with in some fashion. I don’t know how scolding will work but now Tomlin/Lebeau are going to have to TEACH SMITH how to play FS and to remind him of his responsibilities. This can be the lesson that can propel Smith into Brian Dawkins territory in terms of his skill set and he has to play up on that.

I will say this, I least he has the balls to go for it on 4th and short as long as we nearing the 50 yard line. Something Senor Cowhard would have gladly punted away. Against the Patsies we need to take a little more shots. Some fake punts or onside kicks or something?

NE was coming off a Monday night football game as well as an off day on Tuesday AND Wednesday but they were still BETTER prepared than we are. Tomlin’s attacking strategies seem to be a little lacking and there needs to way more of an effort to work on weak links in teams. The half time adjustments were equally piss poor. This effort is unacceptable and it starts up at the top.


Random Thoughts:
A little harsh yes but this game left a sour taste in my mouth. This team can beat the Pats. They have more than enough talent to do so. They can outphysical this finesse offense. They can get to Brady. They can POUND Moss and Welker.

They aren’t super like what ESPN would have you believe. There are significant weaknesses on this team that can be attacked and should have been but this team was simply outclassed in the 2nd half.

Anyway, here are some positives:

- Parker: ran hard against a defense and played up to his standards
- O-Line: did much better against this unit than they did in 2005 and other years
- Learning experience for Smith: It’s up to him now to take advantage
- No offensive turnovers for Roethlisberger
- Holmes/Pola were hurt and are big reasons for doing what we do
- We stayed with this team for a half even tho they outclass us all across the board

The problem is there isn’t any overall improvement from either side of the ball. No players are taking their game to the next level. Maybe the O-Line will but everytime they do they take one giant step back.

Jacksonville is very tough and will give us fits. It’s up to our offense to finally lit these fuckers up. It’s going to be tough and players will get hurt but we can get it done.

Luckily for us Stroud and Hayward might be out so that should help with our line. Troy/ Holmes will hopefully be healthier.

Aaron Smith is also out for the season now so I see more of Travis Kirschke. I think that’s a bad thing. Let’s see if Hoke can spell Kirschke too if need be.

Anyway, I think we can beat Jacksonville. Garrard does nothing for me as a game manager. I’m not to impressed with his game. Taylor scares me as does MJD but I think we can limit them to around 100 yards we will be fine. The tall receivers can be a problem so our secondary needs to stay in cover 2 and pound the shit out of them.

Don’t look now but Cleveland is right under us still. The Rams in St. Louis will probably get Bulger back just cause that’s how it is. The Rats will look to murder us too. These games are going to be extremely tough for us even they shouldn’t be.

I’ll take 11-5 or 10-6 but that could mean a showdown with the Jags who is a team I don’t want to see at all in the playoffs. I would much rather play Cleveland as would most.